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Creating sustainable, eco-friendly living environment

We create a sustainable, eco-friendly living environment that contributes to the global net zero target, while offering highest safety and comfort

We provide innovative IoT based smart lighting solutions for smart buildings and smart cities

We manage and optimize the infrastructure, safety, and carbon footprint through smart solutions

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Sensor, controller and data hub – all in one

Our smart streetlight is a sensor and data-hub.

Measurement and reporting of relevant information like people/ vehicle pressure and motion, health status of the light, air quality & temperature, wind and rainfall.

Light on demand: The light intensity of the streetlight are dynami-cally adopted to the needs based on real time data from motion sensors.

Our maintenance-free lighting fixtures reduce energy consump-tion, CO2 emissions and maintenance effects.


Our solution

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Specialized IOT and GIS enabled devices with sensors to control the volume of lighting accurately

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Each light has a controller that functions independently of the Gateway

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User-friendly SL-Control Web platform including Asset Management and early failure detection.

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Remote control via gateway or NB-IoT controller

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Advanced weather, pollution, motion detection and radar-based sensors with data that can be accessed via cloud.

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Devices communicate on an automated 2.4 GHz wireless mesh architecture with AES encryption

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Advanced features

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Calendar & Dimming Schedule

Group 1847_2x.png

Map Based Real Time Control

Group 1848_2x.png

Energy Monitoring

Group 1849_2x.png

Consulting  Sensor Monitoring

Group 1853_2x.png

Data Analytics & Reporting

Group 1852_2x.png

Alarm Management

Group 1851_2x.png

Diagnostic & Failure Analysis

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Inventory & Asset Management


Our board & leadership team


Sanjeev Varma


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Dr Pankaj Agarwal



Ajay Goel

Director - Operations & Engineering

pic 3,c_edited_edited_edited_edited_edited.png

Dr Rainer Kern

Director – Strategic BD & Technology

Rakesh Singhania G_edited_edited.png

Rakesh Singhania

Independent Director

Pic 12 ,b_edited_edited.png

Arvind Sastry

AVP Strategic Partnerships

pic 2,d_edited_edited.png

Shalabh Agarwal

Assistant VP Sales

Niti gradient_edited.png

Niti Garg

Office Manager

Swiss Technology with Indian Manufacturing

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  • 100% Swiss made products with > 10 years of track record 

  • Technology based on DALI protocol and Zhaga connector system 

  • Plug-and-play system 

  • Product development and manufacturing of smart lighting solutions in India

  • Project implementation

  • After sales support

  • Subsidiaries and offices in AUS, PRC, SIN, RUS, USA

  • 280,000 Intelligent Lights delivered. More than 500 projects realized globally

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